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What is Inventory Management?


Inventory Management: A Business in Property Services - Work From Home

A lucrative business opportunity in one of the UK's fastest growing sectors

A lucrative business opportunity whoever you are and whatever background you come from.

Our franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds which goes to show that running your No Letting Go business suits all types of people. Have you ever asked yourself why you have never left your job and done it yourself, wondered why you seem to be working for your boss and never seem to be appreciated, found that the kids are now grown up and have a void that needs filling or you have just always wanted to run your own business and the right opportunity has not come your way. Well this may just be the opportunity that you have waiting for.

The inventory market is exciting and it is growing. The growth of the lettings market is forever in the papers and becoming involved in the industry is not only good fun but rewarding. We are looking for the right people that we can work with and who will be successful. If you are not suitable or we don't think you will succeed, we think it is only fair to tell you that's why we have a stringent application process. This site aims to give you the information you need to decide if No Letting Go is the business for you.